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Help Us Go the Distance to Help the Birds

Currently, there is no single facility that can accommodate all of the different species of birds of prey that we have in our area for rehabilitation and flight conditioning simultaneously.  Historically, injured raptors in the Tampa Bay area have been rescued and transferred to a variety of rehabilitators around state. Our goal is to greatly reduce the time, cost and stress involved in rescue by establishing a facility to provide for the care of raptors in the Tampa Bay area.  This requires funding to acquire land; install what we need to rehabilitate the 1000 – 1200 birds and animals we help each year.  

 This is why we are turning to you now.  We have set up a go fund me account.  Click here now!



The money that is raised through this campaign will go into our land acquisition fund. Please help us by donating today.

Who are we?

We are volunteers, a state and federally permitted rehabber, educators and conservation advocates. Our goal is to build a raptor rehabilitation facility to serve injured and sick birds of prey found in our area. We will triage all birds that may be brought to our center and get them to the people who can best treat them. There is no rescue organization in the Tampa Bay area with the facility to help birds of prey get well and be reconditioned to get back into the wild properly without having to transport them very long distances for larger caging and flight barns.

The Raptor Center of Tampa Bay has helped over 600 birds and animals this year alone. Without your help we won’t be able to help the animals at the rate we have over the years. We’re busting at the seams and continually receive an increased number of birds. The birds need larger cages and we need your help to make this happen. For the Eagles, Owls, Kites, Falcons, Hawks, Osprey and Vultures that constantly need our help, please consider us as your charity of choice.

Wonders of Wildlife Festival Postponed Due to Covid-19

Our Wonders of Wildlife Festival, like everything else in the world, is on hold right now.  The festival is one of our major fundraisers each year.  We rehabilitate over 1000 birds and animals each year and desperately need a larger facility.  Please consider donating to our Go Fund Me campaign. 

Go Fund Me Click below:


Raptor Center of Tampa Bay

PO Box 3638

Brandon, FL 33509