Get Involved – Volunteer!

Raptor Center of Tampa Bay prides itself on providing top-quality care in every aspect of what we do. Every role makes a critical difference in the success of the Center and the lives of these birds. Orientation, training, and on-going support is provided for all roles.

 Here are some of the ways YOU can help the birds!


  • Respond promptly to rescue calls and locate, safely capture and secure the injured bird using the appropriate gear
  • Clean crates and mews (larger enclosures) and deliver food and water while injured birds are inside
  • Hold birds securely and/or assist rehabilitator during treatment
  • Transport birds to RCTB or other locations as needed


  • Food preparation
  • Laundry
  • Pressure washing treatment and transport crates
  • Washing food and water bowls
  • Inventory management: medical, food, and general supplies

Not sure you want to work directly with birds? There are many roles that are critical to our success!


  • Data Entry: maintain accurate records for state and federal reporting
  • Social Media: monitor and provide content for Facebook, Instagram and our website
  • Fundraising & Events: lead or assist on our major fundraising and education events, and work with the community to create and strengthen revenue opportunities
  • Grant Writing


  • Summer Camps: managing registrations, preparing materials, assisting camp leader
  • Education Materials Management: update and organize leaders’ guides and link with all supporting materials. Research new content, models and activities
  • Ambassador: promote RCTB at festivals and large events by interacting with the public on our work and the birds we serve

Internships coming soon for many of our roles!


Here is the link to our Volunteer Application. We look forward to hearing from you so we can discuss your goals, skills and how you can be part of the RCTB team!

Volunteer Application RCTB

Volunteer Agreement and Waiver RCTB

Blank 24 Hour Permit to Temporarily Possess Sick or Injured Wildlife dec2020

Volunteer Handbook 2021