Our Rehabilitation Methodology

Rehabilitating is not an easy task. Birds can’t tell us what is wrong. As we work to build our own facility our birds have to be transported to a variety of places for continued care. Our vets are not on site so the birds have to be transported to and from the vets. In many cases the best place for care can be well over 100 miles away from us. Support our cause to build the Raptor Center of Tampa Bay to rehabilitate our local birds, locally.

Birds go through 3 stages of rehabilitation

Stage 1 is the clinic or hospital stage. Birds are kept in crates in climate controlled environment often times in ICU units or on supportive heat. These birds are many times, hand fed and each day are cared for which may include administering medicine, tube feeding, giving fluids, changing bandages, doing physical therapy, etc.

State 2 is the Rehabilitation phase.

Rehabilitation Outside takes place in rehabilitation mews. A mew is a wooden structure that is designed to house birds of prey or raptors. The birds begin to acclimate to being outdoors again by flying to perches for their physical therapy, and eating on their own. While there they continue to stretch their wings and exercise.

Stage 3 is Flight

Just like a person who has been confined to a hospital bed and feels weak when they try to get up and move around, the birds’ chest muscles atrophy. It is necessary to Recondition for Flight within large flight enclosures before releasing back into the wild. Our center will have more than sufficient flight cages, allowing us to accommodate both the birds we rescue and the birds which are brought to our Center.