Meet our Board of Directors

Nancy Murrah – President

Nancy Murrah

Nancy Murrah spent many years as the Director of Learning for the one of the largest insurance companies in America. Today she dedicates her life to rehabilitating wildlife, especially birds of prey. Always while exploring, learning and growing others knowledge of wildlife she teaches the importance of conserving wild lands and clean water for animals and people alike. She is currently a Federally and State Permitted Wildlife Rehabilitator and the President of The Raptor Center of Tampa Bay where, in addition to many duties, she designs and delivers Nature Programs.

A native of Tampa Florida she has spent the great majority of her life outside learning about nature. She is a local writer of children’s stories, facilitator, photographer and illustrator. Nancy has written stories for both education and entertainment. Her stories include Tilly the Gopher Tortoise, The Eagles’ Forest, Paige Eagle Ambassador and Ollie the Alligator. Most of the illustrations in the programs were also drawn by Nancy.

She serves as a citizen scientist for EagleWatch, an Audubon Florida program, she is on the board of directors for Tampa Audubon, Volunteers for both JayWatch and ColonyWatch projects, as well as participating in the Christmas Bird Count, Migratory Bird Count, Hawk Watch in the keys when she can and The Great Backyard Bird Count. Nancy spends the fast majority of her time rescuing and rehabilitating raptors and is building a Bird of Prey Rehabilitation and Education Center.

Kat Harnest – Volunteer Coordinator

Kat releasing an Osprey

Kat is a Florida Master Naturalist, as well as being certified in Kayak instruction for people with disabilities.  She keeps track of all our volunteers and their related documents! She works for American Hero Construction and has been instrumental in helping us work to get the center ready for patients to move in.

Kat also has recently taken on the responsibility of making sure all permits are properly executed.

Kim Rexroat – Director of Merchandising

Kim getting ready to release a Bald Eagle

With her eye on the money Kim has been a dedicated volunteer for over two years. Kim has individually held the most successful individual fundraising efforts. Every week Kim has come helped clean cages, fill water bowels and feed the birds in rehabilitation. She has driven over 11,000 miles, this year alone to help us help the birds. Kim oversees merchandise sales.

Ed Karlander – Director

Ed is our financial conscience.  Ed helps us with the center, rescue, finances, and so much more!

Gail Dixon – Director

Louise Roy Secretary and Jenn Graff – Media Manager

find the land we now call home. Her husband Steve and daughter Grace are always helping us with the center and the birds.

Louise keeps track of all our paperwork and Jenn has boosted our followers and helped guide us in our social media platforms. With a background in radio, Jenn has media experience we need to continue to increase our followers on all social media platforms.

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