Nancy Murrah


Nancy is federally permitted to rehabilitate migratory birds, state permitted to rehabilitate native wildlife, USFWS permitted for birds for education, FWC permitted wildlife transporter, FWC facilitator for Project Wild, Flying Wild and Aquatic Wild, Audubon’s Hillsborough County EagleWatch Coordinator and VP of Tampa Audubon. When Nancy is not out rescuing or caring for birds, she spends her time educating children on conservation education, and watching, studying and counting wild birds as part of several citizen science projects. She is working hard to build The Raptor Center of Tampa Bay to rehabilitate injured and sick birds of prey. She is clearly all about helping the birds!

Meet some of our volunteers:

Gail, Grace, & Emma Dixon

These three come every week and help with hands-on cleaning and a variety of chores. Gail coordinates our education programs that we call Natures Guardians. Grace rescues and assists in the clinic with medical care for the bird’s. Emma helps care for our reptiles and mammals. They all help with our paperwork and in all aspects of all of our children’s educational workshops.

Kim Begay

Kim has been helping birds since she was 12 years old!  Kim is out rescuing almost every day. You might run into her on the Dunedin Causeway or Honeymoon Island. She also rescues for our rehab partners Bird’s in Helping Hands. Between both organizations, Kim rescues the most bird’s of any volunteer. Kim is also an EagleWatch volunteer.

Roger Newell

Roger has been a bird lover probably from birth! His first pet was a crow. Roger is always willing to go the extra mile, literally! He rescues lots of birds including bald eagles. Roger is a EagleWatch volunteer too.

Here is a video of Roger releasing a Bald Eagle:

Sophie, Mohammad and Hana Bugliski

We are thankful that these great volunteers come every other week and take all our bird laundry to the laundry matt. These three people will be very happy when we have our land and can get a laundry room on site one day!

Tom Murrah

Tom is there at night to help with rescues and emergencies. He is also very good at helping detect fractures and coming up with creative solutions for problems we encounter.
We have many of other volunteers that help us.

Check our FaceBook page. We feature one of our volunteers each week. You can go to our volunteer page now to meet more of our volunteers.