Nature’s Guardians

The Raptor Center‘s Wildlife Workshops are geared toward children in grades 3-6, but they are enjoyed by kids from 2 – 99! Parents are encouraged to attend and participate.

The Center’s Florida Wildlife Series focuses on both education and awareness of our environment and wildlife.

Natures Guardians are what the kids that come to our workshops call themselves.  We offer conservations workshops geared to kids eight years old and up on the third Friday of each month at various parks around Hillsborough County.  Check our event schedule for details.

Schedule November 2020 – December 2021 Due to Covid-19 our exact schedule still remains uncertain.  Once we have determined that everyone is comfortable being around each other again, our normal schedule will resume.  Also currently Hillsborough County Parks are not even penciling in events yet so our places are TBD.

November  19 – Afternoon – Great American Teach-in 2 sessions Screech owls and caracara will be used

November 20 – Nature’s Guardians – Beginning Birding – Screech Owls

December 18 – Natures’ Guardians – Holiday Ornaments for wildlife

January 15 – Nature’s Guardians – Falcons – Meet Puck the Crested Caracara

February 19 Baby Owl Shower – Screech Owls

March 6 – Wonders of Wildlife Festival – Screech owls and caracara will be used

March 19 Wildlife Corridors – Caracara

March 17 – St. Patty’s day with the owls – Owl folklore will be shared in another baby owl shower – screech owls

April 16 – Florida Ecosystems and Their Wildlife – Caracara

May 21 – Birds of prey – Screech Owls & Caracara

June 18 – Summer Camp at the Center – All day multi-learning event – Screech Owls and Caracara

July 16 – Batty about bats

August 20 – Crested Caracara and falcons – joint presentation with Anne Marie Jordan of Edufeathers and her American Kestrel

September  17 – Farming how birds and bees help the farmers. Come meet a real bee keeper and work in our garden. The Screech owls and caracara will be will be here today as our ambassadors!

October 15 – Owloween – Folklore associated with owls around the world.  Screech Owls

November 19 – Thanksgiving – Celebrate our harvest  multiple sessions will be going on at the same time. Screech owls and caracara will be our ambassadors and will be teaching people about their own kind.

December 17 – Celebrating wildlife Screech owls and caracara will be used.

Barn Owl Project

Barn owls are a natural rodent control.  The use of rodenticides is the leading cause of death of these birds. The Raptor Center’s Barn Owl project is about conserving the Barn Owl and its environment. We are working to build Barn Owl boxes and placing them throughout south east Hillsborough County. If you know a land owner that would like to participate in our project please have them call or email us!  This is a great Eagle Scout Project!

There is Wildlife Among Us: Exploring Nature after dark in our own Neighborhoods

We can come and do this workshop for your neighborhood. We cover:

  • Animals that may be found in your yard; bats, fox, deer, raccoon, coyote, tortoise, squirrels, skunks, bear, otter, panther, bobcat
  • The basic reasons why is wildlife is attracted to houses and properties
  • How to minimize contact with wildlife
  • Common diseases found in our local wildlife
  • What happens when a trapper is called
  • What to do if you find injured or sick wildlife
  • Various organizations that are working hard to protect wildlife
  • The basic role that the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and the United State Fish and Wildlife Service play in protecting wildlife
  • The importance of clean water for everyone