Donate – We’re All in this Together!

It takes a village to save the life of an injured bird or orphaned baby wild animal.  It also takes a lot of food, formula, medicine, rehabilitation equipment, incubators, cleaning supplies and months of specialized care.

Our mission is to build a wildlife rehabilitation facility in the Tampa Bay area with a focus on birds of prey, or raptors. Every year the demand for our services increases.

We currently have to transfer 41% of our patients to other facilities. We transfer 100% of our large birds of prey to other organizations to complete the rehabilitation process because we lack flight cages. Having the Raptor Center of Tampa Bay centrally located in Hillsborough County will reduce the number of birds, and the stress transportation causes them, that have to be transported to other facilities. We currently average 70 miles per bird rescued, treated and/or transferred to other facilities. Most large birds travel over 200 miles round trip for reconditioning. Our volunteers drive tens of thousands of miles each year picking up and transporting wildlife.

Since 2016 we have released over 2000 birds back to the wild.

Birds from Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, and Manatee county need to be treated from rescue to release at one place. We will also be able to help other rehabilitators in the area to have access to our local flight cages, thereby increasing the chances more birds of prey will not only survive but thrive upon release from our facility.

Wildlife rehabilitation organizations don’t receive any government funding but instead rely on the support of people like you.  Please consider making a one time donation or recurring monthly donations today! We rescue over 1000 wild birds and animals each year.  We’re all in this together!

Every time you donate to the Raptor Center of Tampa Bay you help our injured, sick and orphaned native birds. There are other ways you can help. Visit our volunteer page for more information.


Programs: How we generate revenue, earn profits and cover our expenses


Our center is funded by private and corporate donations and grants. Additionally we:

  • Charge admission to general public to Festivals
  • Charge admission for special events
  • Offer on-going educational workshops to both public and private schools as well as home-schools and virtual-schools
  • Offer educational workshops to local rehabbers and their volunteers
  • Maintain a virtual small gift shop with gifts that feature the birds of prey
  • Establish 3 major fundraising events annually to generate operational capital
    • Wonders of Wildlife Festival March
    • Holiday Dinner, Art and Photo Auction December
    • Raptor Ball October
  • Holiday Art and Photo Auction, Dinner and Wingspan Raffle
  • Offer Summer Camps centered around wildlife
  • Partner with local schools and libraries to offer a Harry Potter Birthday Party on July 31 each year.
  • Additionally we will have:
  • Merchandise Sales – Bird of Prey merchandise
  • Establish monthly events to draw additional visitors to the center. For example:
  • January – Get to know us and a First Day Hike
  • February – Valentines night under the stars with special feathered guests and programs
  • March – Bird of Prey Art Show and Festival
  • April – Baby Bird Shower
  • May – Falconry Workshop
  • June – Flying Wild – Camp for Teachers
  • July – Eagles – Our National Bird
  • August – Grow your own food
  • September – Fall Festival
  • October – The Bird of Prey Ball
  • November – We celebrate the Wild Turkey with a vegetarian focus
  • December – Stroll through our Raptor Wonderland Continually soliciting for private donations and sponsorship is the life blood of any nonprofit organization. We will have an individual in our organization whose sole job will be to continue to find funding for the center.

Below is a list of items that we use daily. If you are unable to send money, we understand, there are many other ways that you can help. Your donation of goods such as paper towels and sheets, fleece, towels and blankets can go a long way.

To donate goods, please call our hot line to schedule a time that is mutually convenient.

Gift Certificates to home depot or Lowes for paint supplies
Trash bags – janitor, lawn and kitchen sizes
Gauze rolls, especially keflix
Non-stick bandages and Tagaderm bandages
Alcohol, chlorahexidine and perixoide
Vet wrap, 1, 2 or 4 inch
Wood and hardware to build a wooden deck and mews
Bed or waterproof pads, Laundry detergent, Dawn dishwashing liquid
Large animal water bowls
Towels, Sheets and pillow cases
Exact Kaytee hand feeding baby bird formula
corn meal, romaine lettuce, red grapes, carrots, kale
Fresh caught fish (that are found in shallow water or near the surface that an eagle or osprey could catch) including Lady Fish and bait fish
Chicks, rabbits, rats and mice bought from reputable sources (cannot be caught wild)
Bags of builders sand, gravel
Gift Certificates to Home Depot or Lowes for wood and hardware to build more mews
5lb bag of Dried Mealworms
1000 Live Mealworms
3lb bag of Frozen Blueberries (Song Birds)
1000 ml Lactated Ringers Solution, this is used to hydrate birds just like a human getting an IV
Emeraid – Carnivore and Piscavore liquid nourishment for birds in critical care
1 Box of 1ml Syringes, Sterile Tip, used to give oral medicine $10
Heating Pads, without auto shut off $20
Mite & Lice Bird Spray
Disposable Gloves
Cleaning products – laundry detergent, bleach, dawn soap, sponges, white vinegar, etc.
Various sizes of Training

Holiday Fundraiser

December 5th is our annual holiday fundraiser.  We are having it at the center.